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Presenting: The Secrets to Scoring Goals


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The Golden Goal Scoring Course is based on sports psychology and focuses on the player who wants to score more goals. In order to benefit from the course content, the player will need to be proficient at kicking and passing a ball properly. Also, the player should be able to head a ball properly. The course does not spend large amounts of time on teaching these skills but rather, perfects them for the purposes of scoring goals. The course will help player's make more correct decisions when presented with goal scoring possibilities in choosing how to apply their skills to score more goals.


You only need to take the course once to improve your goal scoring forever, INSTANTLY!


Unlike many camps, player academies, and training sessions, a player taking the 16-20 hour Golden Goal Scoring Course will only need to take the course once in order to have a profound impact on their goal scoring abilities. The information is so powerful that a player's ability to score goals when a chance presents itself will improve drastically and forever. Unlike traditional camps, academies and training where constant repetition and practice is needed, the psychological skills learned in this course will not wear out. One investment in this course will last a lifetime. Athletes should review the material occasionally but player's will not need to take this course more than once. Some player's may want a refresher review session because the course is packed with information, which will be made available for students in the future.


Much of the information presented in the course is top secret and player's will want to absorb it as such. DeBenedictis, the coach who researched the material and designed the course had this to say about his course, "player's who I presented the course to 4 and 5 years ago are still thanking me today for the information they received in the course, which they are still using. I also allowed the parents of the students to attend the classroom portion of the course. The good thing about the parents was that they were able to remind their player's some of the things that would affect their son or daughter's scoring abilities throughout the years. Each point may have a different time and place where it will help the player. The player only has to take my course once in his or her life unlike your typical practice and training sessions."



Background about this course


DeBenedictis first decided to start specializing on scoring goals as a special topic after watching endless games where his favorite teams, Italy or Canada lost games because they failed to score when they had great scoring opportunities. Of course, Italy made up for that with their 2006 World Cup victory. But as a more important inspiration for the course and book, DeBenedictis was tired of listening to critics of soccer here in North America constantly complain about the lack of scoring in the game. Although most of those critics do not understand the beauty of a good game of soccer regardless of the amount of goals scored they continue to criticize the game. But what really frustrated him was to watch more and more games where good finishing could turn a 0-0 game into an exciting 3-3 game and thereby silencing the critics of soccer.


Also, having played goalkeeper and been a student of the striker, he thought that he could use his knowledge in attempting to stop strikers from scoring on him to help others score more goals. In a selfish way, he avoided telling his secrets to other goalkeepers or strikers outside of the player's he coached. Player's he has coached or instructed have won scoring titles in some of the best leagues in Canada. (U16 and up age brackets). Some have gone on to play professional soccer and with National Team. Endless criticism from anti-soccer reporters plus the notion that keeping information away from others was not good for the game compelled him to put his methods in writing as well as conduct goal scoring courses for player's and coaches. His book, The Last 9 Seconds  which is based on his course, came out in Spring of 2013. The book contains quotes and pictures from some of the worlds best strikers, some of which he has interviewed for the book.


The book is over 400 pages in length featuring many pictures and diagrams to illustrate the points presented. The book and course does not go into any details for team strategies or tactics to create scoring chances. It deals with the mental state of the striker in The Last 9 Seconds prior to a goal being scored. The course lays out a very specific set of guidelines for all player's who get chances to score to follow. His course will give player's who grasp the concepts, instant success in the amount of chances they turn into goals.


The results have been so incredible that player's who have taken his course have increased their goal scoring success rate beyond his initial expectations. DeBenedictis has refrained from putting on too many sessions so as not to let out his  training secrets to too many people. The course is designed to change the player's goal scoring success rate for the rest of his or her career.


ONLY 30 Students accepted per course


After talking the course, player's should continue to work on their skills with their clubs, academies and on their own. The course also offers unique exercises player's can work on when they are on their own or with a friend.


A maximum of only 30 students per course will be accepted. DeBenedictis will try to keep the numbers of instructors to students to a 1-10 ratio or less. Keeping the numbers down is important because this course is so powerful and will be so effective for player's, that the instructor wants to guarantee success by working with smaller numbers. The beauty of DeBenedictis' Golden Goal Scoring Course is that, for the most part, it will last a lifetime. Player's will never ever forget his course and the secrets and advice he provides his students. The course will also make players, better practice player's, more focused players, better overall players, and ultimately better goal scorers. DeBenedictis also stays in contact for years to come after the course and offers them advise if they so seek it.



HOURS and Format of the course


The Golden Goal Scoring Course runs over a 3-day period. The course lasts a minimum of 16 hours and can last up to 20 hours or longer, if needed.

The true secrets to his coaching methods come from how he progresses from the classroom to the field. This progression is important and must be followed. The progression from day to day is provided in two formats. A continuous weekly session or a weekend arrangement. The player's course is administered within a 5-day period to be most effective and long lasting. It's an intense course where players are asked to piece many different ideas and concepts together. The week day course can be spread out over 4 or 5 days with breaks at appropriate times. Ideally a one-day break between sessions is best but the weekend course format allows no break time due to travel requirements.



There are 3 parts to the course:


Part 1 starts in the class and ends on the field

Part 2 starts in the class and ends on the field

Part 3 starts on the field and ends in the class



Here are two scenarios for the Golden Goal Scoring course in your community


Scenario #1 - Mid Week Course:


Day 1: 9:00am to 1:pm Class- 4hrs - Part 1

Day 1: 1:00pm to 3:30pm Field- 2.5hrs - Part 1


Day 2: 9:00am to 1:00pm Class- 4hrs - Part 2

Day 2: 1:00pm to 3:30pm Field- 2.5hrs - Part 2


Day 3: 9:00am to 12:00noon Field- 3hrs - Part 3

Day 3: 12:00noon to 3:00pm Class- 3hrs - Part 3


Total hours including travel between field and class/lunch/breaks: approx 19 hours


Scenario #2 - Weekend Course:


Fri: 6:00pm to 10pm Class- 4.0hrs - Part 1

Sat: 9:00am to 11:30am Field- 2.5hrs - Part 1


Sat: 11:30am to 3:30pm Class- 4hrs - Part 2

Sat: 3:30pm to 5:30pm Field- 2hrs - Part 2


Sun: 9:00am to 11:30am Field- 2.5hrs - Part 3

Sun: 11:30am to 2:30pm Class- 3hrs - Part 3


Total hours including travel between field and class/lunch/breaks/take down/set up: approx 18 hours





Ø      Only players of high school age or higher. . Minimum age is grade 9 (U14 player)

Ø      Maximum age- adult (no maximum) (Old timers have improved and wish this course was available           when they were younger!)

Ø      Players who get opportunities to score in games. Strikers, attacking midfielders

Ø      Coaches





Ø      Players who are naturally gifted and scoring lots of goals unless they are missing too many                       opportunities in relation to the chances that they get.

Ø      Players who cannot kick a ball properly with the correct part of their foot

Ø      Players who cannot pass a ball accurately

Ø      Players who cannot head a ball

Ø      Defensive players

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