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GGS Newsletter - Aug - Sept 2015 (Issue

CHARRON has Outstanding Tournament for Canada at Pan Am Games with Scoring Streak

While most of Canada's National teams had problems scoring in their games this summer, only one player stood out as someone who could score under pressure, regularly for his country. Samuel Charron, a Golden Goal Scoring student, found the net in 4 out of 5 games that he played in. In the one game he did not score, he played only sparingly so that he could rest for the medal game. 


While goals were hard to come by for the Women's World Cup team, the Men's Gold Cup team, and both the Men's and Women's Pan Am games teams, Charron seemed to defy the jinx that other players had while playing for Canada by scoring some great goals for Canada.


Dick Howard, FIFA technical adviser who was doing a report for FIFA Weekly Magazine said, "Charron was Canada's most effective player in the tournament. Some of his goals were of the spectacular variety. And he almost scored on a bicycle kick in the bronze medal game against Venezuela."


Canada made it close as they came from a 2-0 deficit to lose 2-1 to Venezuela. Charron, who was visibly limping towards the end of the game, scored late in the game to give Canada a chance. Unfortunately, they came up short.


His winning goal in the 1-0 victory over the USA secured a spot in the Bronze medal game. Charron's late goal against the USA was his best personal highlight. Read more about the tournament on FIFA Weekly below.


The FIFA Weekly Issue #33



Annika Marshall Scoring at Incredible Pace Since Taking Course

Mike Lanos' Soccer School of Brilliance offers their athletes the best programs available. One of the exclusive programs offered by The Soccer School of Brilliance in the Ottawa area is the unique Golden Goal Scoring Course, hosted by the Gloucester Hornets Soccer Club. 


Annika Marshall attended the most recent course held in Ottawa in 2015 and has improved her scoring ability incredibly. Before taking the course, she only scored 1 goal in 6 weeks of play. She took the 3-day Golden Goal Scoring Course in early July. We received this e-mail from her mother Dawn.

"Since taking the course, she has scored 13 goals and averages about 2 per game.  She is a totally different striker and actually enjoys playing the position now whereas in the past she constantly was asking her coach to move her back to the infield."

The psychology based course is for U14 players and up and delivered in 3-days. In Ottawa, the course was filled to capacity with only 20 players accepted. The low numbers allow coach DeBenedictis to get personal with each player. Most players will increase their goal scoring abilities immediately but some will soar as in the case of Annika.

Are Coaches Being Glorified? Superbowl Edition

In the book, The Last 9 Seconds, author John DeBenedictis spends a fair amount of time talking about player development. He believes that coaches have a huge impact, especially at the youth level, in inspiring players to enjoy the game. This article that appeared in the latest issue of the Soccer Journal gives you a different perspective on the coach or our youth. 


Link here to get to the article and go back to page 58 to get to the start of the article.

Aaron Le Paz Leads Team to State Championship with Breakout Scoring Season

Aaron LaPaz had an incredible senior year at Lee Summit High School as his team won the Missouri State Championship. He scored over 20 goals during the year to lead all strikers in goals.


"They always tell me in the box, 'don't even think of putting it down,'" Aaron LaPaz said after one of his multi goal games. "I got two opportunities and put them both away just like I learned in the course."


LaPaz attended DeBenedictis' Golden Goal Scoring course in Kansas in 2014. Coach Dave Wiebenga brought DeBenedictis in to run his course after attending his coaching session in Indianapolis in 2013 and reading his book. It was Lee Summit High School's first State Championship.

Pilar Khoury Sets a New University of Ottawa Scoring Record and Named Female Athlete of the Year!

Pilar Khoury attended the Golden Goal Scoring Course in 2014 hosted by the Gloucester Hornets Soccer Club in Ottawa and promptly went on to break an all-time single season scoring record by notching 14 goals in 15 regular season games. She scored the game winning goal in both the OUA semifinal and the championship game. The Ottawa native was named the OUA East Player of the Year and a First Team All-Canadian.


Pilar Khoury (middle) receives her award with Johnny Berhanemeskel. They were named the U of Ottawa’s top varsity athletes for the 2014-15 season

A Specialty Coach to Help Players Score More Goals Instantly!

Make your season more successful in just a few days.

Coach DeBenedictis, founder of the Golden Goal Scoring Course and author of the book, The Last 9 Seconds, is available to travel the world on a moments notice to help you or your team score more goals. Just like a specialty coach for goalkeepers, fitness, or a sport psychologist, DeBenedictis specializes in helping players and teams who get chances to score, convert more of them into goals.


A few more goals at the right time can make a huge difference in your season.


His proven techniques blend over 40 years of coaching with his experiences as a goalkeeper. He has found a unique way of blending his studies in Sport Psychology and Human Perception to develop his Golden Goal Scoring Course which, has been designed to improving a player's ability to score more goals quickly, immediately, and dramatically.

Check out his video as he explains it better.  

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