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Coaches -Stop scratching your head and rattling your brain about teaching scoring - Because this book covers the physical/skill perspective and mental/psychological perspectives of scoring for you. A must read if you want ALL your players to be able to score..!

Karl Dewazien

Former Director of Soccer Coaching at California Youth Soccer Association and Author of the FUNdamental Soccer series of Books

(Dec 2, 2021)



Hi Coach DeBenedictis,
I have been reading your book and  find it a fascinating read.  I was mostly curious about something you mentioned in  your book. You said you had some DVD’s coming out but on
your website I don’t see any reference to anything but the  YouTube videos. Did you ever produce any
Thanks and  Happy Holidays,
GassHSA Select B03Seattle,




Hi John, thanks very much for hosting your striker session. I thoroughly enjoyed it and picked up some great tips. Please sign me up for a copy of your book. I would like to learn more and hopefully be able to implement your teachings with my girls. As we briefly discussed I would like to discuss your availability sometime to give a session to my girls. They are U-13's.

Thanks again for the very informative session John, it was much appreciated.



Andy Hing






Thanks John, 


The course with North Mississauga SC was exceptional!!


Bill Traynor





Hello Coach DeBenedictis,

It's Brett LaBonte, I personally enjoyed the class so much and I wish I could take it again honestly. It helped me start scoring again and more often as well. I always remind myself of the techniques and I consistently tell myself what you told me to say to myself. (note: Brett wrote what he says to himself but this is a course secret)."

I am more aware and also so much more confident and comfortable anywhere inside the 18 yard box. Thank you for the class and opportunity to learn those secrets.




Wanted to thank you for the course you presented for FC Frederick. It was very well done and my only regret was that I was only able to attend two of the four evenings due to my HS Girls program commitment. I was not able to be there for all of the sessions however, my son Noah Olson was as was a Taylor Crum who will be a key player on the Catoctin HS Varsity program that I coach. 


Taylor has already made a huge impact. She scored 4 goals for us of the 11 that were scored in our 5 preseason HS Varsity scrimmages. 4 games of 5 were only 40 minute matches. The other was an 80 minute match. So essentially 3 "full" matches with 4 goals, adding the time up. I am looking forward to her success with your material the next few years. She is in 9th grade and will start and be an 80 min player on Varsity for me, as a striker of course. She was already a great player and I believe this material will help her even more.


As for my son Noah. He too is a good player. You have helped him substantially. He plays for Bo Eskay on his Primer U14 team. In the first 10 games out of your course (5 of which were 40 minute matches as apposed to a full 80 match) Noah scored 7 goals. He is doing good things with your material. He is a thinker and has mentally processed your material non stop since your course. He is always referring to a goal or a missed goal in perspective of things you taught in your course. I am looking forward to a great season for him. 


I am picking up your book and plan to review the material with Taylor and Noah...


Thanks again,

Mark Olson




John, thanks for these updates, they are awesome!

One of your students, Jessica Shayuth, from Walkersville HS (where I coach, as well as FC Frederick) was in your class and to date has doubled her goals
from last season (2) to this season (4) in just three games.  She has also tripled her shots per game so far for the year. Last season (1.6 per game)
to (3.6 per game) this season. 


Great job!

David Jacobson
FC Frederick
Walkersville HS Girls Varsity Coach




Hi Coach John,


Over the 3 weeks that we had your coarse, I had 2 league games and scored in each. Both goals were the equalizer goals that got our team back in the game and we won both games.  I feel more confident now when I step on the field and when I look at the other team's goalie I think to myself "I know how to score on you!". I am more excited about our games now!  I have a game on Tuesday July 2 at Princess Diana Large at 7pm PSC Power Gold U15G vs North Toronto and can't wait. I hope one day you will have a chance to see me play.


Thank you for everything you taught me, my parents ordered your book from Chapters and we are now looking at getting the player book that goes with it.  I really liked the picture of you with my favourite coach ever Coach Richard Lissone.

Thank you again,  


Sarah Garcia


From Coach Jerry Treat,

"My High School team used the fundamentals from the book, The Last 9 Seconds to increase our awareness of the Goalkeeper and the goal. I went through the book and presented the Secrets to Scoring Goals exactly as you suggested in the book even using all your photos and diagrams over a number of weeks to my players. We won back to back STATE Championships and set new records for  goals scored. I've re recommended the book to various coaches.

Thanks for everything.

Jerry Treat

Kansas State 4A Champions

Rose Hill School

Hi Coach John,


Thank you so much for coming to see me play.  I was excited when I saw you and even more excited when I scored a goal with you there!!  Since that game, I scored 2 goals in our cup game against Barrie and 2 goals in our league game against Scarborough. So - so far so good Coach John!


Thanks again,


Sarah Garcia



“Liam played again this weekend and scored another three goals including a highlight reel diving header! To say that he is thrilled with what you taught him in a short time would be dramatic understatement. Your goal scoring course is truly wonderful. Thanks again John and keep up the great work! Cheers.”

Chris Davies (Newmarket, Ontario)



“I think it is important to note that the course did wonders BUT, the application of the coaching scoring principles you preached at each of our practices is why it continues to produce results. I guess the message for the coaches is that it will not only transform your players but also you as a coach!”


Gerry Gentile



Saw your presentation at the NSCAA convention and bought your book. I thought both were excellent. I'm a club and high school coach in Western Michigan in the US.




John Conlon

East Kentwood Varsity Soccer

Vice President of the Michigan High School Soccer Coaches Association

Director of Player Development for Grand Rapids Crew





Mr. DeBenedictis


I am a high school coach just outside of Chicago, Illinois at Benet Academy in Lisle. I just wanted to drop a note and say I really enjoyed your seminar this past weekend.


It was the most thought provoking session I attended and can't wait to read the book. ( I bought one )


I appreciated your passion, commitment to the game and player development.


Good luck to you.



J. Sean Wesley

Benet Academy

Men's Varsity Soccer Head Coach






I appreciated the your simple but important approach to changing the way we teach kids about scoring goals. I have a junior who I think this approach will benefit greatly. I will purchase your book this evening. Thank you for taking time out and presenting”


Jimmy Jewell

The Lovett School





“I got the book on Friday and I'm already at page 110!


I thought you'd like to hear that I believe it is great. I did not read the entire book, but I have had a look at its organization and the content of the part I read and it is fantastic!


I tried to do 2 things with my daughter today as she was asked to try out with the provincial u16 for a few sessions and she was very nervous and after the first session on Thursday she was livid and upset as she felt she did really badly.


I used the relaxation you had in the book to keep her calm before today's session. Today she was much better, and when she came back from the practice she was calm, collected. She looked like a different person!!!


It's a long way there, I am sure, but to be able to make such a difference with a couple of the many things you speak and teach about was just an invigorating experience.


So, thank you and I'm looking forward to finishing the book.


You certainly got a client for one of your courses for this year...”


Giovanni Carboni (Hamilton, Ont.)





"We brought John into Edmonton to do his "Secrets of Goal Scoring" course with our U14 Boys team and some U13 Boys in May 2009. The team won the National Championship in October having scored a record breaking 41 goals in 5 games at the U14 Boys Canadian Championship Finals in Halifax".


Rob Mosele:

President (Edmonton Juventus)

Hi John, the first game I played after your course I scored 4 goals. I scored another goal in my next game. I'm not sure how many goals I scored in practice, but the course has definitely helped me to score.




Graham Witten
Edmonton Juventus Boys U14 Tier 1






We would be happy to be quoted supporting your course. It was excellent and has made a difference. If anything else, it gave the girls that little mental edge required to end the slump they were on. The results have been dramatic.

  1. - In the 7 games before taking your course we averaged 1.3 goals per game. (9 goals in 7 games) (2 against Dixie & Burlington, the top teams in the league)

  2. - In the 5 league games following your course the average has increased to 2.4 per game. (12 goals in 5 games) 2 of those 5 games were against Dixie and Burlington, the first and second place teams.

  3. - Since the Goal Scoring course, including league, Ontario Cup and League Cup games we have played a total of 11 matches. (4 versus Dixie and Burlington.) Our average has increased from 1.3 goals/game to 3.5 goals/game. (38 goals in 11 games)

Warm regards,

Gerry Gentile






"I use the 4 fundamental rules every time I'm on the field. Since taking this course, my "finishing touch" has improved significantly. High flying balls over the cross bar are a thing of the past."


Jasmine Meredith







Just wanted to let you know that Jasmine really benefited from yourtraining. Would be interested in hearing your assessment of her skills and areas she should continue to focus on developing. She is seriously looking at securing a scholarship stateside, (Howard University is one of her top
choices) so we are looking to support her with any additional training that's necessary to elevate her skills. Would welcome your suggestions for specific trainers / training programs.


Jasmine's mother








You might want to add that, as a coach, I introduced many of the key elements taught in your course to all of our team players. The results have been dramatic with overall scoring this season that is 3 times better than any other year. Your methods are a regular component of our training sessions.


Bob Twidle






Here is a picture (not shown) of us in China after our first game (the team that had 5 national players on it). I'm third in on the top row from the right.

For Adam you can just say that he had the opportunity to play with "Top Dogs Bryst International" in England May 1st to May 9th. He also played in a Super Clubs tournament in Florida with AYSC U-15 Boys, when he got back to the Toronto airport, he flew out the same day to England to play with Super Clubs International All-Star American Team, they won 1 game, lost 1 and tied 3. It was a good learning experience for him playing at that level.


Thanks John,


Teresa Hintz


P.S. our class on Tuesday must have really helped me out because after that I've been playing much better, I even scored a goal that night in my last game of the season. Unfortunately we lost 6-1 but hey, I got one=) Adam also scored a goal that night at his game and had a bunch of other really good chances my dad said.


Thanks again!!


Teresa Hintz





Firstly, I was blown away by your passion. John, that is the most animated and excited that I have ever seen you. I love it!! It is brilliant to see someone who is enjoying themselves as much as you seemed to be having. Passion: You can't buy it. Keep that up as it translates to your audience.

Your credibility and content is excellent

Gerald Woodman






Thanks for the invite on Sunday - thoroughly enjoyed the presentations and came away both informed and inspired !










Excellent presentation. I wish you success.


Alfons Rubbens

Publisher: Inside Soccer Magazine

P.S. I now understand what your book is going to be all about. I may be on a real winner!!







I listened to your presentation at the NSCAA conference on scoring goals and then spoke to you later. The information you presented was very helpful and I will definitely apply what you shared when we start our high school season in early March. I coach at Ferris High School in Spokane, Washington. We have had a successful program but like everyone else, at times we struggle to score. I was very interested in the data you had from the 2002 World Cup. I appreciate you taking the time to present in Baltimore and would be indebted to you if you can let me know when your book comes out.


Thanks again,


Robin Crain







I called you last week about your upcoming book and your appearance in Baltimore at the convention. It has always been said that goal scorers are instinctive but, your simple techniques and secrets are easy to learn! If you have skill and a little vision, these techniques will help you finish the job in front of the goal.


Thank you! 

Kevin Leahy





Dear John,


I went to your session and truly enjoyed it. Thank You!


Thanks Much!!!!!!

Rick Mullins'


Coeur d Alene Sting Soccer Club

Coeur d Alene ID 83815





I sat in on your class about scoring goals at the convention and was blown away! I wanted you to do your entire course during the convention!

Thanks-please keep us posted if you prepare a book or manual for this! It was awesome.

Doug Meade
Cherokee Soccer Assoc.
Woodstock, Ga





Absolutely loved your presentation in Charlotte this weekend. The idea of
bringing scoring down to the simplest level is brilliant and I know it
will help my high school girls team. I am going to teach them the 4 Golden
Rules and I am going to explain the top 10 reasons why goals are not scored.

Again, thank you for all of the help you have already given me. Hope to
see you next year in Baltimore.

Best regards,


Jack Baer

Howland (OH) High School
Girls Soccer





"Thanks again, John
A great session!
Also an impressive handout"


Bernard Lecerf




Dear John..

"I just wanted to thank you for giving me a different perspective into goal scoring." Thanks again,,

Gino Lombardi




"During the last 30 years I have been to countless soccer clinics. Many
were excellent, few were a waste of time. Your clinic is different, and
unique. "I enjoyed your coaching session and as you fine tune your Secrets, Tricks, and Facts to improve Scoring Goals, will have a powerful presentation for developing Goal Scoring. A "powerful tool", which no doubt will benefit and excite many coaches and players."


A. Rubbens Publisher- Inside Soccer Magazine


"I thought your seminar was excellent. It definitively changes how I coach my team. After two exhibition games against strong competition we scored 3 goals in each game compared to last year where we struggled to score even two goals a game."


Neil Pinheiro Brams Utd. Girls U15 Allstar Team




"interesting and very informative, if players or coaches come with an open mind, they will definitely learn a lot, which in turn will help all soccer players. Thanks john, I look forward to the next one."


F Macri




"It was interesting, informative and also entertaining. I’ve never seen six hours go by so fast"


Gary Nasu




Hi John,


Lisa received some press coverage up in Sudbury. Thought you might be interested in how your former student is doing.


She broke the all-time goal scoring record record at Laurentian University.


Take care.


Russ Watson




Dear John DeBenedictis,


My name is Russ Boyer. I am the Head Coach of the Boys Soccer Team at Brighton High School in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I attended the 2004 NSCAA Conference in Charlotte, NC last year and I was very impressed with your presentation. As I am preparing for our upcoming season, I was reviewing my notes and remembered that mentioned last year that you may have a book or other publication on goal scoring coming out. If that is the case, where could I purchase a copy? I would like to implement concepts from your presentation in my team philosophy and practice structure. Anything you have or any direction you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time,


Russ Boyer

Brighton High School

2220 E. Bengal Blvd.

Salt Lake City, UT 84121




Hi John,

For some reason I don't recall getting a final version, so if you can re-send that would be great. A hard copy/ies would be splendid.. At the end of the season, even though I don't want to give away our secret, we will write an article about how your course turned our fortunes around.



Gerry Gentile

PS - Even without Analisa the girls scored four goals against Mississauga
last week and created enough chances for more if not for the heroics of
their keeper and the ref calling back goals. I think it is important to
note that the course did wonders BUT, the application of the coaching
scoring principals you preached at each of our practices is why it
continues to produce results. I guess the message for the coaches is that
it will not only transform your players but also you as a coach!






Your coaching session in Baltimore was "wicked- awesome"

Very informative. The best part was you had everybody by the balls right from the start!

Everyone was frantically taking notes.




Saverio Michielli




I’ve been coming to these conventions since 1951 and this is the first session that really really peaked my interest. Enjoyed presentation. Great points on scoring and it was well done with repetition to get the points across. Lots of psychological stuff that also relates to basketball. Picture with Landon Donovan was perfect.


Well Done,


Rick Pizarro Springfield College, Baltimore


I loved your presentation in Santa Clara and felt that there were points that where extremely valid, and gave us coaches an opportunity to re-evaluate or shooting sessions


Marco DiTano
California State Coach




Loved the video clips illustrating your points and liked the Power Point visuals. The personal experiences were great to hear as well, from a goalkeepers perspective.

Very informative from a variety of perspectives and research data. Highlights of games were excellent to view.

David Rumack

"Visual presentation was great! Kids and adults are all visual learners. Very good. At first, I asked myself how is John going to teach goal scoring in a class? Great ideas."


B. Telmage


Technical Director Peel Halton S.A.

"PS: Loved your book, incredible work Sir, very impressive. I think it helped me to teach our attackers more about the striker mindset than my own experience with playing professional ball could. Thanks so much for all your effort."


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