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The Last 9 Seconds- The Secrets to Scoring Goals on The Last Touch (A Psychological Perspective)

A Coach's Reference Guide - PLUS New Insights into Player Development.

The Last 9 Seconds

SKU: 9780986839900
  • The book is written for coaches and deals with teaching players, how to Score More Goals in the game of soccer using a Psychological Approach. So many players have the skills to shoot, pass, dribble and head a ball but only a few excel and are able to score consistently.

    John DeBenedictis, a former Goalkeeper knows what it took to score on him and was shocked at the number of opportunities missed by players to score more goals on him. He knew that the players who should have done better had the skills to finish the job and make his life miserable but they did not.

    After coaching for a number of years and developing some top goal scorers after working with them for number of years, he figured that there had to be an esier way to teach a player, in a short period of time, how to convert more scoing chances into more goals.

    With that problem to solve, DeBenedictis spent 5 years researching this dilemna and came up with some unique ideas. When he first brought his finding to coaches in a small full day workshop, the coaches present were amazed at the material and a number of them asked him if he ran a course so that their players, or sons or daughters could attend and absorb the information.

    3 Month's later in 2003, DeBenedictis ran his first Goal Scoring Course for players blending in classroom and field sessions in a vcery specific order to make all his nessarsary psychological points. The results were absolutely mind blowing as his students went on to score at a record pace.

    His second course was administered in 2004 to a coach who had heard of his course but who's team, although very good, was not able to finish all the chances that they created. DeBenedictis ran his 3 day 16-20 hour course with all the strikers and midfielders from the team and immediately after the coure, they went on a scoring spree scoring 6 goals in their first game after the course. That was equivalent to their first 5 league games.

    That team went on to finish the season in first place, with the leagues leading goal scorer and with a victory at the Barcelona Academy World Championship. And, their leading scorer who was only 16, being invited to play for Italy in the U19 World Cup in China. Unfortunately, the Italian National Team had already submitted their roster to FIFA and were unable to change it.

    Having had so much success, DeBenedictis decided to stop running his course so that he could write a book to make sure he would protect his unuqie methods of helping players score more goals. The book was published in 2013 and since then he runs 1 or 2 course a year and each year, his students continue to set personal and league-wide scoring records.

    The book and his Golden Goal Scoring Course only focuses on 'what's going on in the mind of the player who is going to get a chance to score in 9 seconds or less before a goal scoring opportunity presents itself. The book delves into how DeBenedictis came up with his methods and all the backgroud trials and tribulations of the process. he includes many personal stories and is an entertaining read unlike any normal coaching book.

    He guides you through the process while taking you on a journey through his life experiences with the game of soccer. Some are hilarrious like the story about cows and the field and others are rather sad just like life itself but in the end, the results speak for themselves and everyone enjoys a game where more goals are scored except the goalkeepers.

    Has he betrayed his fellow keepers? Let's put it this way: keepers will continue to have success because they are students of the game and strikers are all human where many will let their emotions will take over and they will continue to miss scoring chances.

    DeBenedictis spared no expenses in finding photo's to clearly demostrate the points he tries to get across, all in full colour. No coaching book has as many photos of action photos as this one. He clearly explains the various secrets to scoring with diagrams and illustrations to comliment the array of photos.

    In the process, you will know what "The Goal of the Century" was as well as well as "The Save of the Century". His amazing analysis and reasoning behind the most remarkablke foul in World Cup history will have you in awe. No one will have even thought of thinking of it in the way DeBenedictis explains. This in itself can become a coffee table conversation that can last hours especially in france or Italy.

    The reader will delve into the mind of the goalkeeper as DeBenedictis wants to plant a picture of how to teach the player with the scoring opportunity, on how to know what the goalkkeper is going to do before he/she actually does it so that the chance to make the correct decision to score more goals will be easier.

    The unbelieve attention to detail is a major focus of the book but only in a 1 on 1 situation with the player and the ball, defender, and keeper. There are no tactical team concepts in this book, just methods of getting through to the striker to help them score more goals on The Last Touch.

  • Ships to anywhere in the world.

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