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It was a goal she barely remembers because she was knocked out after she scored. With just seconds left in the game and a surprise reward to the winner of the match, Hintz worked hard to get to the ball and re-direct it at the goal. It resulted in a goal and a collision that knocked her out.

Her Seneca College team won the game and expected nothing more than a set of track suits as their surprise reward. A half a year later they were told that the special reward for winning was to represent Canada on a tour of China in a series of exhibition matches and tours of the country.

Teresa said " we didn't do so well in China getting beat by some big scores but then again we didn't expect to be playing teams with National Team players on them". Nonetheless the experience was one that Teresa will never forget and worth the concussion she had in order to score that magical goal. Well done Teresa!

A Thank you note from Teresa:

Here is a picture of us in China after our first game (the team that had 5 national players on it). I'm third in on the top row from the right.

For Adam you can just say that he had the opportunity to play with "Top Dogs Bryst International" in England May 1st to May 9th. He also played in a Super Clubs tournament in Florida with AYSC U-15 Boys, when he got back to the Toronto airport, he flew out the same day to England to play with Super Clubs International All-Star American Team, they won 1 game, lost 1 and tied 3. It was a good learning experience for him playing at that level.

Thanks John,

Teresa Hintz

P.S. our class on Tuesday must have really helped me out because after that I've been playing much better, I even scored a goal that night in my last game of the season. Unfortunately we lost 6-1 but hey, I got one. Adam also scored a goal that night at his game and had a bunch of other really good chances my dad said.

Thanks again!!

Teresa Hintz




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