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I want to help you make more money! How?


By increasing your personal value,whether you’re a player, coach, agent, or club owner. A few more goals at the right time can do that!


I can help you!

You Have Nothing to Lose and Everything to Lose!


By John DeBenedictis: Author of The Last 9 Seconds


I hear it all the time. "We played so well and dominated the game and should have won!"

It's another case of, they could have, should have, maybes, and what if’s. BUT it didn't happen. That's the bottom line. The other team scored more goals and you lost. Or you missed that chance. Quite often the missed opportunity is because a player made the wrong decision in that instant. Let me give an example from a couple of years ago.

I watched the Montreal Impact get so close to advancing to the FIFA World Club Championship against the Champions of Europe, South America and the rest of the world but fail. In my opinion they absolutely should have won the game that would have taken them there. They had enough chances to score in the first half to be up 4-0 at the half instead of 1-0. Players who had chances made split second decision errors in what to do, where to go, and when to do it. The errors they made were minuscule but costly. And each of the players who made those errors is a professional who has been told over and over what to do to score.

The problem is, at the spur of the moment, the situation they see on the field is not the same as what they should see because of their state of mind at that moment in time. Their state of mind is different than what it should be. In other words, they make decisions based on what their eyes see from their perspective on the field. But what their eyes see is not always going to give you the correct information you need in order to score goals in that instant. 


Ofter, players who miss chances to score have all the skill they need to score but they need to improve their INNER GAME

The players who missed chances to score in the game all have the technical skills and physical abilities to perform what is needed to score in any particular situation but they didn’t have the mental skills to override what they perceive they should do, which will result in less chance of scoring, and do the best thing that they need to do to score.

That's precisely what I specialize in. I work on the players’ last touch and work on their minds by changing their perspective so that the decisions they make in the last 9 seconds before a goal is scored is more likely to result in a goal.

I have worked with about 200 players over the past decade and almost every one of them has instantly scored more goals after they have taken my course or been consulted by me. I don't mean to sound cocky because that's not me, but I will guarantee that I can get through to most players who make decision-based errors in the last seconds before a goal should be scored, to make better decisions on what to do to score and change their game and careers forever.


If Montreal would have scored when they should have it would have meant millions of dollars to the team, players, agents, owners and MLS

Imagine if Montreal would have scored 4 goals in their first half against Club America in the final. It would have brought Montreal and the MLS millions of more dollars. Their players would have been exposed to the world and could have gone up in value by millions.

I’m confident, that had I worked with each of their strikers prior to that game, they would have done better because they would have made much better decisions and increased their chances of scoring. I work on the player's INNER GAME. My specialized teaching techniques have produced proven results and I have received tons of testimonials. I even consulted with an MLS player to help him win the scoring championship by helping him get his game back. What I do is different and all based on psychology.

I have room available to visit your team, club, or even provide individual consultation on a 1 to 1 basis selected weeks throughout the year.

Check out my website for testimonials and to see the results I have achieved with some of my students. In fact, I keep receiving great news from my students and can’t keep up with getting it on my website. 

I want to help you have more success and make your personal value go up whether you’re a coach, player, agent, or club owner

My book, The Last 9 Seconds, is based on my course and can help but the book is best used as a reference guide after having taken a course as it explains the background of how I came up with my unique coaching methods for this very small but important part of the game.

I want to help you have more success and make your personal value go up whether you’re a coach, player, agent, or club owner. A few more goals at the right time can do that. Imagine if Montreal would have scored when they should have. It would have meant more money for the club, coach, individual players, and just about anyone else involved. Now if Montreal had not been able to get past centre and get chances, then my program would not have helped. But in this case, I know I could have helped.

Imagine if you’re current players could score more goals:

They would be worth more on the transfer market

Just like teams have specialists in goalkeeper and fitness coaches, I provide very specific psychological help to teams and players who get chances to score to convert more of those chances. Imagine if you’re current players could score more goals instantly without buying expensive players who have instinctively figured it out on their own. These advanced mental skills that the superstars have can be yours or your players too. Players will be worth more when they score just a few more goals. Players will make more money, agents will make more money, and owners will also make more money as their players will be worth more on the transfer market.


brainwash may be a better term

But let me tell you, it's not an easy fix and it took me hours and hours of research to figure out how to get inside the head of players. My studies in sport psychology, visual perception, bio-mechanics, and having played goalkeeper have given me a unique perspective on how to teach (brainwash may be a better term) players on how to score more goals by working on their psyche over a short amount of time. Based on how many players I work with at the same time, I can convert most players in 10 to 20 hours to be better forever. If my course does not work for them, (about 20%) then I will guarantee you that you should not be spending any more time on these players to make them better goal scorers because they will never get it.

I'm so confident that I can make you or your players better at scoring goals that I'll even offer a guarantee. If players will continue to make decision-based errors, I'll provide free 1 on 1 consultation via skype and analyze game film and analyze the player’s performance at no extra charge to help him or her succeed.

I'll even offer a guarantee.

Let me say something about my book, although it will give you great information, it does not give away the complete secret to what I do on the field and in the class and what order I present my material in order to have the greatest impact. Part of it is because working on psychology without seeing and being with the player is difficult. Each player is different. Each has a different temperament and attitude and each personality needs to be handled slightly differently. The book won't help you there but it will be a great reference guide once I work with players to help you recall key information.

I believe I have figured how to make decent players score more goals instantly. Consider bringing me into your organization to help you win more games. Consider including me in your preseason team preparation, or consulting staff. If you need a quick fix as you or your team struggles to score when they get chances, I can fix that quickly and am available to come and work with you or your team at a moment’s notice.

I could help you or your players worth thousands not hundreds,

 or millions not thousands!

It could make you or your players worth millions, not thousands, or thousands not hundreds!

You have nothing to lose and everything to lose!


For more information visit my website at or contact me at 416-878-3007 for more info.


John DeBenedictis discussing his Golden Goal Scoring Course.

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